What can I Recycle ?

Recycling your scrap metal can be fun, rewarding and good for the environment. There are many common household items that can be recycled at JK’s.

White Goods

We accept most common whitegoods including domestic and commercial fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, stoves and ovens, air conditioning units and hot water services.

Car bodies

JK Recycling accepts car bodies for recycling. We can only accept car bodies with a visible VIN plate. Unfortunately we are unable to recycle car bodies containing LPG tanks.


We accept all forms of scrap steel products including corrugated iron, pipes and tubes, railing, steel plate and checkerplate, steel furniture – even old bicycles!

We also accept cast iron – such as old cast iron furniture.


All grades of copper can be recycled. You will receive better pricing for your copper if it is clean and free of joins, paint, plastic, etc. Common items for recycling include copper wire (uncoated or coated), electrical cable, copper pipes and tubes, copper sheet, and old copper boilers.

Electric Motors

All electric motors are acceptable for recycling.


Many items are made from aluminium because if its light weight and strength. Some of the more commonly recycled items are lithographic printing plates, aluminium extrusion, aluminium frames, wheels, pots and pans, aluminium drink cans, aluminium furniture and guttering.

Stainless steel

Commonly recycled stainless steel products include sinks, stainless steel benches, stainless steel plate, and pipes and tubing. To ensure the best possible price for your stainless steel make sure that any materials such as plastic or steel screws are removed beforehand.

Brass and Bronze

We accept all brass plumbing fittings, taps and ornaments. We will also recycle bronze items and gun metal.


A range of lead products including lead wheel weights, weights, lead shot and lead sheeting can be recycled. Please exercise extreme care when handling lead products – you should wear gloves when handling lead and make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after handling. You should also keep lead items in sealed containers to minimise exposure to lead dust.


You can recycle automotive car and truck batteries at JK Recycling.

What we do not accept

Radioactive items

We are unable to recycle any radioactive items. Further information about disposing of radioactive items is available at the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism website.

Gas Cylinders

These should be returned to the supplier. We will only accept high pressure containers that have been cut in half.

Any items where you are not the owner of the item. This includes beer kegs and supermarket trolleys. These items remain the property of the brewer or supermarket chain and should be returned to them for re-use or recycling.

Hazardous chemical drums & containers

We are able to recycle old drums, so long as they have not been used to store hazardous chemicals. Please contact your supplier to find out how to dispose of any drums and containers that have been used to store hazardous materials.

Green waste

Please make sure there is no green waste or dirt in your scrap.


We are able to recycle car and truck wheels, but we do not handle rubber tyres.

Building rubble and fill

We do not accept old bricks and building rubble.

General household waste

Your load should not contain any general household waste