Scrap Steel

What We Buy

JK Recycling buys the following ferrous (steel) scrap items:

  • Busheling
  • HMS 1 & 2
  • Light gauge pressing scrap

Common steel items that fall into these grades include:

  • White goods
  • Corrugated iron
  • Steel plate
  • Car bodies
  • Engine blocks
  • Car wheels

Note that while you are free to dump your scrap steel at no cost, we only pay for loads of at least one tonne of ferrous scrap.  (There is no minimum weight for non-ferrous scrap.)

What We Sell

We have the following scrap available for sale. Please consult the ISRI Specifications for more information.

  • HMS 1 & 2
  • No 1 Busheling
  • No 1, 2 & 3 bundles (bales)
  • Foundry steel
  • Steel punchings
  • Pressing