JK Recycling provides a full range of services for buyers and sellers of scrap metal. Whether you are a large manufacturer seeking a reliable partner to service your metal recycling needs or an individual looking to recycle an appliance, JK Recycling can help you. We are also able to supply scrap metal to scrap processors, importers and foundries.

Services for Manufacturers

JK Recycling has a long history of servicing many of Melbourne’s premier manufacturing businesses. We provide a full range of scrap collection services and can put together a customised solution to meet your metal recycling needs. We have a full range of scrap bins and handling equipment available to service your particular requirements.

For more information see our Industrial Services page

Earn Cash for Scrap

JK Recycling pays top prices for scrap metal delivered to our door.  We accept all forms of scrap metal including ferrous (steel) scrap and all grades of non-ferrous material such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and lead. Walk in with your scrap materials and walk out with cash in your hand!

For more information please see the Cash for Scrap page

Domestic Collection Services

JK Recycling provides domestic scrap collection services for those people who are unable to bring their scrap directly to our yard.  If you’d like to get rid of that old appliance, but can’t get it to our yard, just get in touch and we can arrange for someone to collect it from you.

For more information please see our Domestic Scrap Collection page.