Scrapping Cars

Scrap your Car Wreck

JK Recycling buys wrecked cars and car bodies for scrap and we can pay you via EFT for your old wreck. So there is no excuse for leaving that old wreck lying around. Just bring it into JK’s today and turn it into money. And you’ll be doing the environment a favour too!

JK Recycling is conveniently located in Oakleigh South in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs – just bring in your old wreck – no appointment necessary.

What we accept

JK Recycling accepts all car wrecks and car bodies with the exception of cars with LPG tanks.

We also accept old engine blocks and car parts as well.

Need a Pick Up – Just Call Us

If you cannot bring your vehicle or car body into our yard don’t despair!

Just give us a call on 03 9543 4751 and we can help organise someone to collect your vehicle for you.

Contact us to find out how & get a quote

Just fill in our contact form or phone us on 9543 4751 to find out more.