Recycling & Environment

Not only can recycling your scrap metal be profitable for you, it is also good for the environment. At J.K. Recycling we have been doing our bit for the environment for 50 years.

Scrap metal has one of the highest recycling rates in the world – for example over 50% of the world’s steel is made from recycled materials.

There are many good environmental reasons to recycling of scrap metal.

  • Recycling of scrap metal means we deplete fewer of our finite resources, such as iron ore, copper, bauxite and so forth.  We think of metal recycling as above ground mining.
  • Metal recycling causes less damage to the natural environment than a mine.
  • Using scrap metal to create new products creates less harmful pollutants than making products from new metal.
  • Metal recycling makes use of waste products that would otherwise find their way into landfill.
  • Creating new products from recycled metals requires less energy, so it generates less carbon pollution than creating metals from ores.
  • Recycling metal uses less of our precious water resources and creates less water pollution.