Copper Scrap

Top Prices for Scrap Copper

Copper is one of the most valuable and most often recycled metals. JK Recycling pays you some of Melbourne’s top prices via EFT for your scrap copper wire, pipe or sheet. We buy all types of copper, with no minimum amount required.Copper prices can fluctuate so:

  • Call us today on 03 9543 4751 during business hours for a quote, OR
  • Get a quote online by filling out our contact form
  • Or visit our yard at 360 Huntingdale Rd, South Oakleigh

What types of copper  can I recycle?

JK Recycling accepts all forms of scrap copper. Items commonly recycled include:

  • Stripped copper wire
  • Electrical cable (stripped or unstripped)
  • Data cable (stripped or unstripped)
  • Copper boilers
  • Copper tube & pipe
  • Copper sheet & cladding
  • Electric motors & windings from electric motors

What do I need to recycle my scrap copper?

Recycling with JK Recycling is easy. Just bring your scrap copper down to our yard and we will weigh it up for you. The price paid depends on the type of material being recycled and the weight, so make sure to keep your different grades of material separated to maximise the price you get paid.

Here are a few tips to maximise the value of your copper

  • Separate your scrap into the different types of material – typically the price varies for each type of material
  • Strip the shielding from your cables & wire
  • Remove joints and plumbing fittings from copper pipe & tube
  • Ensure no foreign objects such as steel screws &n fittings are attached
  • Keep clean material separate from painted or coated materials

What else do I need?

To sell your scrap copper you will need to bring:

  • Some photo identification
  • Your ABN, if you have one

For more information see our guide to selling scrap metal.

Will you recycle my other types of metal as well?


We recycle all forms of scrap metal including steel, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and lead. You can find more information on our website about ferrous (steel) recycling and non-ferrous recycling.

Or if you have any questions please feel free to call us on 03 9543 4751 or ask us for a quote online.