Copper recycling

Copper Recycling

At JK Recycling, we’re proud to offer copper recycling with top prices paid for all copper scrap. If you’re a builder, electrician, plumber or manufacturer who wants to recycle their scrap copper, including copper wire scrap, our team can provide a reliable recycling service that meets your needs.

Where can I find copper recycling near me?

JK recycling is a major buyer of scrap copper and copper wire scrap from industry and the general public. Located in Oakleigh South, our scrap yard can accept all copper materials for recycling. If you’re looking to utilise our copper recycling services, simply bring us the material and we’ll weigh it for you and ensure you receive the best price.

What types of copper can you accept?

We accept all kinds of copper and copper wire scrap. This includes stripped and unstripped copper wire scrap, data and electrical cable, copper boilers, copper tube and piping, copper sheets and cladding, electric motors, and more. If you think you have scrap copper that could be recycled, we can inspect it for you and provide an estimate of its price.

Is there anything I can do to get more for my copper scrap?

Yes, it’s possible to increase the value of your copper by taking a few steps before calling us. Firstly, separate all scrap metals into their respective metal types, as different metals can be worth different prices. Secondly, stripping any shielding off cables and copper wire scrap will ensure you receive a higher price. Make sure that you remove any electrical plugs from your copper wire scrap. Other steps you can take include removing joints, plumbing fixtures, steel screws and other foreign objects, and separating clean scrap from painted or coated scrap copper.

Contact Us Today for an Easy Recycling Experience

Wondering “where can I find copper recycling near me?” With JK Recycling, you don’t have to wonder any longer. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best service as well as the best prices. Whether you’re a tradesperson or a manufacturer, copper recycling is made easy when you choose the team at JK Recycling.

Earn cash for your copper scrap by getting in touch with our helpful and dedicated team today. All we need is your scrap, some ID and your ABN. Call us on (03) 9543 4751 or email to discuss your needs.