Aluminium recycling

Aluminium Recycling

At JK Recycling, we’re proud to provide simple and reliable aluminium recycling solutions. We offer our recycling and scrap bin services for everyone from industrial manufacturers though to the everyday recycler, providing top prices for your aluminium scrap.

The aluminium materials we can accept include:

  • Aluminium extrusions
  • Aluminium window frames
  • Aluminium cladding
  • Aluminium pots and pans
  • Aluminium cans
  • Aluminium printing plates
  • Aluminium sheets
  • Aluminium signs

Why Choose Us for Aluminium Recycling?

JK Recycling is always on the search for valuable and reusable metals and materials, including aluminium. If you have aluminium waste lying around and think it could be of value to us, why not bring it in for a weigh-in and see if you get some cash for it? If you operate a large construction or manufacturing company and have a bulk amount of aluminium to recycle, our aluminium recycling team can even provide you with a convenient scrap bin. We also pay for all amounts of aluminium scrap, with no minimum required for payment. Discover how simple and rewarding recycling can be when you choose the team at JK Recycling.

Contact Us for Aluminium Recycling

JK Recycling looks forward to assisting you with aluminium recycling. Our highly dedicated team are happy to talk you through the recycling process if you require assistance at any stage, or else you can just drop off your waste, have it weighed, and go home with the cash. To learn more, call us on (03) 9543 4751 or email us at